Friday, April 19, 2019

Easy Masked Card--"A Blog Named Hero April CAS Card Challenge"

Hello again!

Dare I say Spring has sprung???  I'm ashamed to not have gotten any Easter cards out, but Happy Easter everyone!  This month the challenge is CAS "Clean and Simple" cards.  I struggle with the exact definition of CAS, but I decided to go with lots of "blank" space, minimal layers and the only embellishment was shimmer on the flowers.  The supplies are linked below (afil).

I really miss my Iris bed from my last home.  My favorites were the variety of purple ones (and the pink, salmon, blue, yellow...LOL!)

To do this, I am doing some simple masking of the Hero Arts Iris Color Layering stamp set.  Once again, I am only using on part of the set, this time the outline.

Since I am going to color with Derwent Inktense Pencils, I stamped with a permanent black ink on bristol paper.  (If I were using more water, I would've used watercolor paper, but wanted paper smooth this time.)

Here is what the card looked like after masking the flowers and adding Inktense pencil to the edges.  I just pulled the color in from the edges with water. 

I added Hero Arts Iridescent watercolor to add some shine.  It came in a kit, so the closest thing available is H. A. Shimmer spray...just make a puddle on your mat to apply.  The supplies below are either what I used or as close as I could get (I have lots of really old tools/supplies!)

I let the watercolor dry on it's own, then layered it as shown, adding a black, heat embossed sentiment from the same Iris set to complete the card.

Hope you will join in the fun with the challenge (it's linked at the top in blue.)  I'll be back again soon!  If you would like more ideas, please go to index page and browse or to my channel  You are invited to subscribe there and also to my blog below. 

Here are the links!

Have a great week!!


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