Monday, October 8, 2018

How To Make A Snowflake Spinner Card! (with Process)

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry that there has been a large gap between videos, but I have some very good excuses... I will do a post on them soon, but want to cut right to the chase here....

Here is the video link!

I had requests to do a spinner card and a process video, so I thought I would honor both requests at once!  I step out most things in the video, but here are the basic things I do with most projects:

1.     Clean up craft area.  This may sound silly, because I often use the same supplies.  But I put everything away for a fresh start.  It de-clutters my mind.

2.     Where do my ideas come from?  

  • Sometimes I have an idea when I buy it (often I forget though)
  • I make a crude sketch of placement
  • Sometimes there is a specific technique I want to try and go from there.
  • Sometimes it's a new supply I can't wait to use.
  • I may need a card for a certain occasion or season
  • Rare occasions:  A video hop or card challenge (wish I could do more of those!)
  • Lastly, photos from FB, YT or Instagram, but I try to avoid that as I want in my head my project to be totally "original" to me.
3.    Gather supplies.  I am forever getting up and chasing them down which takes time and my focus away.

4.     Make sure you have time for do-overs.  The best laid plans can go awry and spills, smears, etc occur without warning!

5.     Mock up your card with copy paper or scraps.  Pick colors, choose sentiments.

6.     With this card I ask myself "How can I make this work?"  The ornament has a hole in the middle:  I could
  • leave open and have sentiment show through to inside.
  • sandwich vellum or acetate, but this sentiment isn't symmetrical;
  • could color acetate or vellum or use colored paper
7.     How do I make spinner work freely?  Will have to enlarge circle around it.

8.     What embellishments, if any?

My process took a different direction when I accidentally cut the ornament out of the front instead of the larger circle.   That meant I couldn't use that part of the blue piece.  That's when I got out the metallic paper.  I think it looks better this way (Happy accident!)  

After I put silver Nuvo drops on snowflakes, they didn't show up like I had hoped.  So, I waited for them to dry and scraped them off.  I replaced with sequins.

I took that leftover snowflake and made a place setting name card.  I never let extra pieces go to waste!  Save them if you can't use them right away.  They can inspire another project or at least enhance one!

I hope this helps and know you are not alone in the creative struggle!!!

Here are the supplies I used:

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