Saturday, November 28, 2020

Old School Pillow Treat Boxes--Sweet Holiday Video Hop!

 Hello again!

I told you I'd be back soon!  LOL!  Hope you had a wonderful (as much as it could be) Thanksgiving!  The holidays will be crazier than ever in a different way, so I'm going old school on several projects this year and using basic supplies.  The kids can get involved too!

This project is part of a Youtube video hop (below) that I hope you will enjoy!!  Here's what I made (the supplies & free template are also linked below (AFIL-Thank you for your support!):

You can make your own decorative paper or use some of the beautiful pre-made ones to save time!  I filled them with lots of candy, but gift cards and small items fit amazingly well.

Here is the free printable template: 
Thank you!

FYI--Here's a previous tutorial...

Supply List:

Stay safe and come back and see me soon!!

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