Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Bucket List: Having A Ball Blowing Glass!

Hi All!

Can you believe it's June?  It's been years since I posted my "bucket list," mainly because not much has changed...until today!  My friend Donna Smalley and I went to Glass Axis near downtown Columbus, Ohio in the Franklinton District.

I've been kicking around wanting to do this for many years and decided "if not now, when?"  It was also something Donna had also wanted to do for years.  I wanted to start with the pumpkin, but Donna felt we should have balls first...LOL, pun intended!  The ball (actually ornament) class only costs $39 and they only book four folks for a one hour class.

We got there early and had a chance to see a "professional" glassblower although I don't think it was his day job.  It's interesting to note that they always work with a partner because they just don't have enough hands and you have to keep the glass moving.

This is the same vessel, but he flattened it out.  They still use tools like a handful of newspaper to shape things!

Our instructor Lisa was great.  She was thorough and very patient.  She had a positive attitude and it became apparent that she wouldn't let you down--you would be taking home a glass ball one way or another!  Well, eventually take home.  After forming, they have to go to an annealer to cool down slowly or they will crack.  So our balls won't be home for several more days...

This was just what I needed to cheer me up after losing my sweet Truly, the Japanese Chin I've periodically mentioned.  It was unexpected and a shock that one can only get under control, but never over completely.

Donna shaping her ornament.

Me heating up glass while looking in the "Glory Hole."

The actual blowing of the glass.
My glass "baby" resting on some batting waiting to have clear loop applied.  It will look different after it cools.

This is what my new little baby looks like after its 2 day cool down...

A memento of the experience.  They have quite a sense of humor (and fabulous vocabulary!)

After our stressful and arduous class completion, we went to the nearby Spaghetti Warehouse for a lunch in the trolley car!  I have to laugh because their website is!

I am planning to check off my next "bucket list" item in a few weeks--this one even more daring!  Stay tuned!!!

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