Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A New and Neat Product!


I shared awhile back that I am a Kitchen Designer for Lowe's.  (If you are curious, here is a link to a handful of my designs.)  I wish I worked on commission, but I don't.  So I am sharing this with you because it's cool and useful for many applications.

Why didn't they think of this earlier? 

I have to say that many of the new countertop laminates aren't like the ones granny had, (and my first love will always be granite) but here is a laminate that would be useful in other rooms--craft rooms, class rooms, play rooms, waiting rooms, industrial (rooms?)--you get the idea...

Drum roll please...

You are probably saying, "What's the big deal Gale?"  Well, I'm glad you asked.  These are samples of the new Formica dry erase board laminates that can be used horizontally (countertop) or vertically on a wall.  Think of it, a countertop/tabletop that kids (or non-kids) can color on that can be cleaned (sterilized even for waiting rooms?).  The example on the left is Formica Color Book/Markerboard in Gloss Finish #9315-90.  The one on the right is my favorite; Formica ImagiGrid/Markerboard in Gloss Finish #9313-90.  I think I will get a sheet of it (instead of ordering a top) and adhere it to the top of my craft desk and auxiliary tables.  It's too new for me to have the pricing for various sheet sizes, but I can tell you that as a countertop my store will charge $14/sq ft furnish and deliver or $24/sq ft installed.


These are Formica "Chalkables" in either Black 3037-CK or Gray 3036-CK.  Way better than chalkboard paint as it is cleanable without damaging it.  Don't know if I will get any, but I'm sure it would be useful for many folks in design, education or fun.  I checked on the price point and my vendor doesn't have it yet, but we sorta think it will be the same as the Markerboard.

So there you have it, my "pay it forward" moment of the day!

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