Thursday, June 22, 2017

A "Little" More Daring Bucket List Item Checked Off!

Hi everyone!

As it turned out, glassblowing was potentially more dangerous than this, but Audra, Taylor and I went ziplining at Soaring Cliffs in the Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio yesterday.  The trip started out a little depressing as I ran over an indecisive squirrel circling on the road while picking up Taylor at OSU, but there wasn't time to stop.  I had to drive by the murder scene two more times that day:(

So getting there wasn't half the fun in this case.  But it was a lovely day, not as scorching as we have had and the rain held off until we headed home.  We really didn't know what to expect, but a good sign was the nice clean restroom trailer in the parking lot!  This is a two-plus hour tour--so don't drink a lot of pop or whatever on the way as this is your only chance until you're back to your car...

It isn't a cheap date at $80 a person plus tip, but our guides Sydney and Chance were professional and fun, everything was very safety-oriented and they only do small groups once an hour so you can enjoy the quietness of nature (when you aren't laughing!)  I would suggest bug spray--I had on sunscreen, but we weren't in the sun that much...wish I had a good sunscreen with bug spray in it! Not that we saw ticks and mosquitoes, but in the deep woods they had to be around. This takes zero experience and the only athletic ability you need is to be able to walk up and down some short, yet lumpy paths sometimes straight uphill.

About halfway through we stopped at a cave and got a water while they started a fire for hotdogs and marshmallows if you wanted them.  Chance said the hotdog was $80, but the ziplining was free...

One of the lines is nearly 1/4 mile long and eight stories high--plenty of time for doing tricks if so inclined.  None of it was scary, but Sydney hooked up a fellow who wanted to jump backwards and just as he jumped she yelled "OH NO!!!"  We all laughed but the guy...

Another line they had us play corn hole...I missed by a mile, but Chance was pretty close.  He always went first to work the brake and catch us.   Taylor was pretty comfortable doing front flips and going upside down.  Audra did a front flip as well, but I didn't know until too late to get the camera out.  I wouldn't take my phone, but Sydney secured my camera strap.  However, there are no photos/videos of me---darn!  I did nothing exciting though, so no loss.

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words and videos is your armchair tour!

Taylor falling off cliff backward.
Sydney adjusting Audra's gear at the corn hole line.
Chance getting ready for Taylor's landing.
Snack time!

Sydney explains about native plants.
and now the short videos...

Taylor does his front flip.

Audra's turn to go...

So if you are looking for something different to do, I would suggest you give this a try.  They take reservations, but walk-ins are welcome too.  Hocking Hills is known for it's camping and other outdoor activities, so most people stay there a few days.

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