Saturday, May 21, 2016

The 'Creek Just Gave You Five!


Who'd a thunk it?  This month marks the 5th year of this blog about nothing in particular.  I haven't always been able to post consistently, but it's always been fun sharing with you all the random things that find their way here.  Usually blogs have very specific topics and "professions" warn against straying off it as you are supposed to "target" a specific audience.

Well, call me a rule breaker, but I'd rather "please all of the people some of the time, then some of the people all of the time" knowing not every post will be of interest to everyone.  I am a generalist and I don't claim to be an expert in everything.  I just tell you what I know (or at least what I think I know...) the best I can.  There are more than a hundred posts of various topics "in the can" if the current one doesn't excite you.'s free!  I have avoided advertising, because frankly, I don't want it cluttering up my site.  So this is a labor of love that I hope to continue for years to come.  If you enjoy this, I would greatly appreciate you telling your friends to stop by.

If you have just started coming to the 'Creek, the top 10 posts are on the right side of the screen, but that doesn't necessarily reflect my favorites because the earlier posts weren't as widely seen.  Many of those posts were essays and articles written throughout my life.  Most are light reading and humor based.  I hope you will check these out as well as the index by topic and enjoy!

Some of my favs not on the top ten list are linked below (in no particular order):

A Hunting We Will Go!  Dog Writer's of America nomination by the Am. Kennel Club
On Your Mark...Get Set...Oh No!  My High School Track Team Adventure
Does Anyone Know Of A Shady Park Bench With WI-FI?
The Crash Test Dummy Trilogy - Part Two (The port-o-let one!)
"Harley and Me" The Story Of A Girl And Her Hog
Out Of The Mouths of Babes...
Oh Wacky Day!  The Good, The Bad and The Sad--Rest In Peace Corn Row Tucker
Some Things Just Aren't Funny I: Puppy Mills  Two time national award winner - Writer's Digest Magazine, Dog Writer's of America finalist
There's No Business Like (Dog) Show Business
Darby Creek Down
Ask A Stupid Question...

I would love to know which ones are your favorites!  Please leave a comment below:)

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Until next time, have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!


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