Monday, May 16, 2016

Rural King Review: Everything From Soup To (Lug) Nuts!


When we get a new store around here, it's pretty exciting.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting for more mainstream stores like Target or Kohls and frankly, any restaurant that isn't selling pizza or fast food!
Kayaks of many colors, except purple ... Audra has been admiring the "lilac kayak" at Dunham's Sporting Goods for years!

I stopped briefly at the new Rural King up the road and originally wasn't all that impressed.  Then, I stopped again to get some photos for this post and looked around some more.  Still not going to be a place I frequent, but I'm sure others will.  You have to remember farmers have very little time in the growing season, so they prefer a one-stop shop!

If you are looking for camo undies, this is the place!
If you need a windmill, here you go!

 If you need to buy your shotgun and your sarsaparilla (boy do I love saying sarsaparilla...) or your weed killer and windmill at the same time, this is the place.  They have some hard-to-find camo bras/panties (pardon the pun) as well as pink and blue kayaks, sarsaparilla, camo four-wheelers (so when you get stuck in the woods and go get help, you can't find it again...and much more.

The grocery department is labeled as "consumables."  Sounds yummy, doesn't it?  Sarsaparilla (can't get enough of that word!)  They have the basic bags of old-fashioned candy that you find at Tractor Supply.  Does anyone really eat Circus Peanuts???  I'd heard this place was a TSC on steroids and that's kinda accurate.  But, I think of it more like a redneck Cabellas.  The prices are better, but even with the deer heads on the wall, it's not the same:)  But in their defense, we aren't the kind of area that Cabellas will ever put a store...(and they don't carry sarsaparilla like Rural King does!)

Just a part of the pop section!

However, Rural King has an amazing pop aisle with all kinds of brands I'd never heard of--boy farmers and country folks sure love their cane sugar!  I noticed there is a brand called Ski--remember the song "Let's all go down to Dumas Walker 's and get a slaw burger, fries and a bottle of Ski"...?  I thought he meant whiskey.   Nope.  Just another high sugar drink. (Like sarsaparilla!) Remember Radar on M*A*S*H?  He loved grape Nehi's.  They've got them!  

As for the store itself-

It's an old Kmart building that got zero fixin' up.  It is very dark, cluttered, same brands as TSC, and the layout is kind of thrown together looking.  The garden center is really unorganized, so you have to look through annuals, perennials, veggies, etc throughout.  The plants were also frumpy and common. The staff is still learning I suppose, but the second time I was there they at least greeted me.

But at least there's the free coffee and popcorn!  I didn't have any, but it is available to all! I plan to stop by and buy me some sarsaparilla to try.  I think it's supposed to be like root beer.

I am working on several posts, so come back soon ya'll!


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