Saturday, April 30, 2016

DIY: Where Inspiration Meets Perspiration (Meets Exasperation!)


Just got in from mowing my little lawn.  I am pooped because it wasn't all that tall, but man was it thick!  The mower wasn't happy either.  I have a tiny lot and I can't mow the whole thing on one tank of gas!  There was a learning curve for me from my big ol' golf course mower (named "Big Red.")  I would've looked pretty silly riding it around my postage stamp lot-- although I could mow the whole neighborhood...hmmm.  But, I don't think it would make it through the gate LOL!

Though "Big Red" had some idiosyncrasies to say the least, once I got her started she mowed a fabulous striped lawn.  The first time I pulled out the push mower, I realized I had no idea how to start it.  Fortunately, I had a delivery that day from my work and my friend/delivery driver showed me how.  Who knew you had to prime the motor???  I also didn't know if you let go of the little lever, even for a second, it turned off.  Safety is such a pain.

I was proud of myself (after watching YouTube,) to find the oil lid and then check it.  I have been yelled at many times over the years about oil checking, so this an ingrained behavior. Then I pulled out the weed eater and it's a whole different animal.  Back to YouTube and another smart friend at work.  What the heck does 2-stroke, etc. mean anyway?  Well, I guess it means adding oil to the gas--but we did that for Taylor's dirt bike, so I knew what to do:)

These home shows (and even worse Norm Abrahms) sure get a whole lot accomplished in a half hour.  The YouTube videos are only a few minutes.  One can feel like a failure when they make it look so easy!

I have had a small air compressor in a box for around 3 years.  I thought I could use it for lots of things, mainly inflating my Jeep's tires.  But I wasn't sure how to work it and I didn't want to blow anything up, so I continued pay a buck a trip for air (likely spending more than I did on the compressor!)  Finally, I couldn't find a working air pump at a gas station and had a really low tire, so I got it out.  After asking yet another co-worker how to work it, I got it running.  Turns out, it takes a month of Sundays to fill just one tire!  Epic fail...

Every time I work with a ladder I drop 50 things and/or have to get down to get something.  After installing my new shutters and a security light (battery operated, of course) I was exhausted.  But, the worst, yet proudest moment was when I installed my "Smart" thermostat from an analog one.  I should've waited for someone else to be here to do the legwork.  Long story short, I had to run up and down the stairs to turn the power off and on (and that means lights too), figure out which extra wire could be used that was already hooked up to the very bottom of my furnace too, run up, see if that was the one, and try again...and again.  I don't know how folks do things without three hands!

The instructions said it would take 20 minutes.  It was more like an hour and a half.  But not only did I get it working, but actually got the wifi part set up before I froze to death!  There is something unnecessary, but satisfying,  to turn your furnace on/off with your tablet/phone!   I also have seen significant savings on my utility bills!

Until next out for me and power tools!!!


PS:  I became a plumber today and tied my house's broken sump pump line into my tiling!  Go me!  Now have to work on drainage a few other places....

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