Sunday, November 1, 2015

More Tricks Than Treats This Very Scary Halloween-- Part One

 Hello from the 'Creek!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  This post is way different than I originally planned.  It has been quite a weekend.  Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

I am not all that enthusiastic about dressing up, but I try to be a sport and do a little.  In the past lots of folks have gone to work in costume (see past posts).  I found a fancy witch hat and bought some fake eyelashes.  I had an all black outfit and at the last minute, decided I would take Audra's graduation gown for a photo op (that I never got around to doing.)

I had to be at work at 7 a.m. Halloween.  I let the "girls" out of their pen and they joined me for a breakfast of string cheese.  I am not awake enough to prepare anything, but I have to eat something with my meds or I get pukey feeling.

The girls followed me to my bathroom and were standing at the door when I dropped a pill.  I heard it bounce on the counter, but in the 1/10th of a second of putting down the bottle so as not to spill more, I lost track of that pill.  I grab the dogs and throw them up on my bed and start crawling all over looking for that pill.  I couldn't find it anywhere in the bathroom or in my bedroom.

So, panic mode sets in.  I pull open the vent, go through the trash, shake out the rug, crawl around the toilet with no luck.  I couldn't get the sink stopper out.  Well, Carrie (the adorable Yorkie pictured in my last post) who sticks to me like glue, has a habit of inhaling treats, etc.  She is sitting on the bed watching me acting normal.

Well, I didn't see a choice on the outside chance she'd grabbed it, so I grab her up and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and go to the deck.  I pour some down her, but she didn't barf right away, so I did it again.  She just stared at me mortified.  I put her in her pen because now I am also running late and no matter what I had to a least get clothes on.  (Note:  There are times when you would not want to induce vomiting!  It can make matters worse.  I did it because almost no time had elapsed.  If the dog starts showing symptoms of poisoning, do NOT do this!)

I went back to her and she had barfed.  Yeah, sort of.  Chunks of cheese, whole bits of dog food from the night before, but no pill.  Good!  and bad...  That means the pill is still somewhere, so more crawling around.  Finally, I get up Audra and tell her to sleep on the sofa with both dogs, though I was sure the Chin couldn't possibly have gotten it as she was farther away.

I told her to watch them and not let them go to sleep.  If there were any issues, call me while getting to the vet's office up the road who would likely be open at 8.  We don't have emergency vets nearby and it was almost 7.  I was pretty sure they were fine as a 1/2 hour had passed already.  Fortunately, all is well with them.

Well, this threw a real wrench in the costume thing, so I grabbed up my stuff and got to work.  The hat was a hair small, so I took some big bobby pins along.  I had my makeup and the eyelashes as well.  I have no experience with the eyelashes so a friend put them on me bless her heart.  Somehow glue got in my eyes and on my upper eyelid and it burns.

Then we wrangled on the hat, which I kept whacking on everything as I forgot what a wide brim it had.  Didn't fit in the car at lunch or on our power equipment.  Couldn't take it off as it was pinned on--though some unknowing folks tried pulling it off.  That hurt, plus my hair was a wreck underneath...

Worst part, only 3 or 4 of us did anything for a costume,  (I was just wearing a black top and jeans, so not as ridiculous looking as I could have my lovely red vest.)  I owe a manager a little payback when he jokingly said to a fellow employee, "I wonder why Gale didn't dress up this year?"  Good thing I know he was kidding as he is a good guy...

Last, but not least, the last Jack Russell Terrier re-joined Ivy and Tucker in the "Happy Hunting Grounds."  There is a previous post just about her called "Good Karma, Bad Karma."  Good bye "Karmie Doodles."

We haven't even gotten to the Trick or Treat part or what happened today, but I don't want a super long post...

So until next time...


Rest In Peace

Brandywine Karma of Darby Creek

JRTCA Bronze Medallion Working Terrier
September 9, 1999- October 31, 2015

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