Sunday, October 18, 2015

Random Rantings From The 'Creek!

Hello friends!

Hope you have been enjoying my favorite season of the year!  I hate Winter and here in Ohio we almost never get a Spring, but Fall usually doesn't disappoint.

We are sort of settled into the new 'Creek.  It's the old adage of putting 10 lbs of you-know-what into a 5 lb. bag.  I celebrated "Jeep Made It Into Garage Day" last Friday.  Still crap on the other side of the garage though.  I don't know what the builders were thinking when they decided how deep to make the garage.  My Jeep isn't that long, but you can barely shut the garage door and I am up against the freezer that is up against the wall!

Carrie is a not-too-happy little pumpkin...
We have been furniture shopping as my sofa is kaput!  I wanted to wait until I moved to see what would look nice and fit.  I haven't shopped for furniture in many years and had no idea that one is attacked the second you step inside the door of the store.  Not only attacked, but stalked.  I get it, they are on commission, but all that makes me want to do is leave.  Which I did, many times.  When did it become like a used car lot?

So still no sofa...

It is weird coming from the country to a high density neighborhood.  We are adjusting, but I still jump when I hear a car door shut because I think someone is here, but they aren't in our driveway.  I am used to yelling shut up to a barking dog because they only ones I ever heard were ours.  Not anymore and one doesn't want to yell that to other folk's dogs if one wants to get along with their neighbors!  I haven't talked to either of mine, except for the perfunctory wave in the front yard.  Fine with me, but they live closer to me than my barn at the old place and it's weird.

For my crafty friends:  The craft cave is piled high with boxes, as is the whole basement.  But I plan to post something soon to get back into the swing of things.

Taylor is leaving next week for London with the OSU Marching Band to play at an NFL exhibition at Wimbley Stadium.  They have a chartered jet flying non-stop and each member gets a disposable cell phone, sponsored by the NFL.  I told him not to get used to that as traveling abroad isn't normally that easy!  Can't wait to hear about it upon his return.

Well, I must get ready for work.  I promise to make some "normal" posts soon, but in the meantime, please check out the upper right corner and visit the "Index By Topic" page for previous posts!

Until next time!


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