Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Very Scary Halloween- Part Two


Well, there were some fun moments...

After work I was planning to start up the fire pit in the driveway, but I was alone and didn't feel right leaving it unattended as I finished up the food, etc.  Since it was cold and a couple of my friends were already not feeling well, I decided to scrap it.  Later on, we wondered why kids were passing us by even though I had all the lights on.  Turns out, they were going from fire pit to fire pit.  So I hollered out to a little shark and his mom and then folks started coming up to the door.  So, it wasn't the flood I expected, but that was fine and the extra candy disappeared in a few days...

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me and my dear "second family", a very special home was purposely being burnt down by developers.  I plan to write a post all about that house once I find the right photos, but it was a shock to see this lovely 1929 English Tudor destroyed because the land it sat on is several acres of prime real estate.  I have a lot of neat memories of the house though I only lived there a couple or so years.

Back to the fun:  Here are just a few of my favorite trick-or-treaters:

The Shark who started it all...

An Angry Bird...

Cindy Lou Who, who brought my favorite trick-or-treater of the night...

The Grinch!!!!
The next morning I decided to suck it up and rake leaves.  But, I also raked up candy!  Who says chores are thankless???  I couldn't bring myself to eat it, though it looked perfectly fine.  

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