Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lucky You! A "Two-For" Review!

Hello 'Creekers!

Audra and I feel it is our duty to scour Central Ohio for good food (hey, why make something that takes an hour when you can drive an hour there, wait in line and drive an hour back???)

Today we are featuring not one, but two really good sandwich places.  Both were started as family-owned restaurants.  The first one we visited is popular with the Ohio Wesleyan students in Delaware.  There is also one near Polaris Mall.  Turns out it is a national chain so you can look it up at their website linked here:

820 Sunbury Road, Delaware, Ohio location
Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Their sandwiches are huge and reasonably priced.  The meals are the best deal.

I had the green beans.  They were spicy and really good, but my baked potato casserole was a tiny bit dry.  Guess that would be expected because they weren't actually mashed potatoes.

This is a strip mall type place you can either eat in or get take out if you think you will get sauce all over you.  You pick the sauce out and dispense in a cup.

Then then we have...  

This is the largest photo I could find.  It is located at 830 Bethel Road in Columbus, Ohio.

This place is connected to Hoggy's and serves really good sandwiches.  I had the Steakhouse Cheesesteak with Provolone.  Audra likes the meatball one.  You can get several sides, but most everyone gets the homemade potato chips which are served warm and come with a sauce sort of like Cane's sauce.  Well, more than sort of...  the prices weren't terrible and the wait for our carry-out was short.  They also serve pasta dishes and paninis.

For more info on either of these, just hit the links above.  

Shortly, I will be posting a "cookbook" with recipes I like when I have to cook!

Until then,


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