Friday, September 25, 2015

If At First You Don't Succeed....

just buy the stupid new computer!


Greetings from my new iMac.  My 9 year-old one literally "died in it's sleep" as it never woke up after publishing my last post.  I tried and tried to revive it, but I think she flat-lined for good.  No since putting more money in her, so I bit the bullet and ordered this one thinking my problems would be over...

Not so, of course.  I work impossible hours to reliably be home for deliveries.  I really took a risk when I set up my UPS My Choice account.  This is a free service (at least the first tier) where you can change delivery info and track packages.  I knew there was little hope of me being home to sign for it, so I reluctantly gave permission to have what to me is a fortune left in a box outside my home (in a heavily populated neighborhood where I know nobody.) 

When I got the message my package had been delivered, I went to the spot I requested and it wasn't there.  I was nearly in panic-mode when I decided to look around a little more.  Well, it was sorta near the spot, but in shade.  Maybe that is why.  But like Christmas morning when you open presents, then are whisked away before you can play with them, I had to go back to work.
My new blogging buddy!

Ok, I un-package everything and I must say that Apple wins my award for the coolest packaging ever.  You hate to undo it and throw it away!  I was feeling pretty good about getting the info off my old Mac because I have a time machine backup device.  Theoretically, there is a duplicate of everything.  It's a USB device  and it never occurred to me in 9 years that USBs would change plugs.  

Well, there is no fitting the old USB cord in the new port.  Now what?  Only partially annoyed, I decide to start up the computer anyway.  

Only one hitch.  All my favorites, usernames and passwords would've been transferred had the time machine fit.  I don't always update my little red book and for the life of me I couldn't remember my Apple ID, wifi password, email account info and the worst, my Blogger username, email address and password.  What should have taken a few minutes took hours and I am not nearly done.  

Once I got my main email address connected, the rainbow wheel went nuts and I had almost 1300 messages to weed through from several years.  I can't find the highlight and mass delete feature, but you can bet I will!

So, my worst technological fears were realized.  No wonder I was reluctant to get another computer!  There is also a good reason I resist change.  It's usually a pain.

Well, the bright side is I will be seeing you more as we have a lot to catch up on!  

Until next time (when there will be photos!)  Happy Fall!  Go Bucks!


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