Friday, September 11, 2015

Helloooooooo!!! I'm Baaaaaaack!


Long time, no write.  There has been a whirlwind of activity here the last month, including my computer issues.  I have lots to tell you, but plan to break it down into bite-sized posts.  Basically moved out of one place into another with way too much crap, but could never have enough nice things to say about my awesome friends who helped and helped and helped.

Another huge bit of new is that Taylor made the sousaphone section (called KL Row) in the Ohio State University Marching Band aka TBDBITL "The Best Damn Band In The Land!" and we are very proud of all of the work and determination it took to reach his dream.  Monday night he was in Virginia for the first game and someone shot this photo:

Taylor in the center.
Taylor on right.

Lots of stories to share about this, but another time.  

The main reason I am able to type this is I finally took my dear old iMac (2006) to the Apple Genius Bar.  I suspected there was a problem with the power supply and bought one on Ebay to take along.  It's kind of a hike from my place to go, but I was told for $85 the "Geniuses" would have to fix anything.  Well, I finally get the appointment and drag it there only to find out that there is age discrimination even in computers.  The gal tried a different power cord and the darn thing powered on.  Really?  Great and annoying to think I went without my puter for a couple months over a power cord, but at least it's fixable.  Except not there because 1) they aren't allowed to work on anything more than 5 years old, no doubt because they want to sell you a new one.  2) They don't stock Apple power cords at their Apple Store.  Really??  She suggested other places I could buy one and after one more insult to my faithful old puter (You know, this computer has no monetary value whatsoever, but we will recycle it for you...) off we went.

We go to the Micro Center which is a huge techie sort of place that sells Apple parts, sort of.  They don't carry power cords either.  But I was able to get a generic one, though it is black and not white like an Apple for $6.  I get home, put the system back together and it doesn't power on.  Of course.  But after jiggling the cord at the connection, it started.  So maybe, I didn't even need to live through this at all and there went a day of my life.  However, my dear friend Donna and Audra were with me and we had fun just the same.  
So, I will sign off for now and hopefully will bring you many more updates from the 'Creek soon!
Hope all is well with you and until next time....



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