Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Every Day is Pie Day at "Just Pies!"


I never forgot you even when I was in the throws of house selling/buying and computer issues.  If there was something I wanted to blog about, I stored it away in my memory and took photos/notes.

It doesn't have to be 3.14.15 to celebrate "pi"e!  On a trip to Columbus, Audra and I decided it had been too long since we had a pie from "Just Pies." They are made from scratch with real ingredients.  Oprah used to serve them in her green room to show guests.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well these are worth several 1,000 calories!

The filling for this is not the usual bagged glop!  I didn't realize though that there was a layer of cheesecake at the bottom.

They will send whipped cream on the side.  This is just a tiny piece.

For chocolate lovers, and you know who you are... 

Here is a tiny Buckeye Pie --it has peanut butter and chocolate filling.  This may look like a personal size, but it is heavy and really serves 4.

The selection varies seasonally and there are usually only a dozen or so choices, but all are wonderful.  They have small, medium and large and aren't cheap, but they are high density fruit and heavy!  If you want them for the holidays, it is best to order or they may be out for the day when you walk in.  

The Worthington High Street location

Here is the fruit pie section:

For more information on menu and locations go to  I hope you will check them out and Enjoy!

Until next time,


P.S.  Much to my dismay,  I am never paid to endorse anything and I always purchase the product.  But then, I never asked!

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