Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The 'Creek Is Crazy And The Times, They Are A-Changing!

Mowing, mowing, mowing.
I'm forever mowing.
Man, my grass is growing knee high!

Hi everyone,

Boy, I apologize for the large gap between posts, but it has been one thing after another here!  We went from Winter in Ohio, to monsoon season!  The flowers are plentiful, but the weeds are more so!  My wonderful blogging companion, a 2007 iMac has been hinting for weeks for me to pull the plug and let it die peacefully.  It will just randomly shut down.  Perhaps it is time... though it has been cured before!

The 'Creek property has been in-contract and if all goes well, we will be moving the end of August.  Unfortunately, the "ladies" won't be joining us.  My friend Cliff and his wife Julie have been wanting hens for quite awhile and have invited them to go live on their lovely country property.  They are nearby and I will visit and report on them often.  The "Chick Inn" will be cleaned up and moved, possibly as a fancy but rarely used "dog palace."  Someday I may get more hens, but now isn't a good time for me to deal with moving them.

Ideally, I mow when I'm not working, and the mower is...  This year both of us have struggled with the yard, so I am glad to go where a push mower will be plenty.  I will miss the snacks I eat along the way, the last couple weeks I've had peaches and raspberries as I mow by them.  I hope the new folks will appreciate the property and enjoy it as much as we have.   The kids want me to move the bunnies and birds that are everywhere...enjoying my fruit before I have a chance to, I must say...

Here are some of the peaches that I was able to salvage.  There weren't many this year, but they were the juiciest, biggest ones ever!

Although I haven't posted much this Summer, I have been gathering ideas.  So, look for a plethora of topics in the near future!  I am excited that the "girls" and I are going back to this year's Stamp-away Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 8th.  I will share the news, products and ideas right after!

Until next time,


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