Monday, April 6, 2015

You're Invited To A Hen Party!

Happy Belated Easter! 

 I hope you enjoyed the day as we did with family and friends. So grateful the sun was out here!  After church, Easter basket hunting and a nice lunch, it was time to celebrate "the Ladies" 4th Birthday!  We made them a cake of cornbread and strawberry yogurt.  After the initial frenzy, they stopped back periodically and ate every crumb.


We are paying special attention to Megg as she hasn't been herself lately.  There is nothing specific as we can tell and I'm guessing it's due to her size and age.  She eats, walks around and hangs out, so for now we will keep her going.

Megg, the Ladies and I
Well, better get to finishing my taxes:(  The next post promises to be "out of this world!"

See you then!

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