Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Of Mice And Macs" -- Remembering The Early Days of Home Computing

Many moons ago, before many of you were born, we old folks lived a simple life where mice weren't welcome in homes and MacIntoshes were apples that were eaten. That was also when I started working freelance as an advertising copywriter.  Something I've done now and again for 30 years-ish.  One of my BFFs, Carole, who is fabulous advertising art director and has always believed in me, even when I wasn't so sure, helped me get one of my first paying gigs writing ads for this barely known company called Apple Computers.  (By the way, this was several years before the internet became popular!)

I wasn't (and am not still) all that tech-saavy, but apparently nobody else was either LOL!  Along came this assignment to write an eight-page "advetorial" insert for the L.A. Times Magazine.  I was thinking I bit off more "apple" than I could chew, but it worked out and I remember how excited I was to get the check! It went on to win an "Addy" for the ad firm.  

(Blogger is free, so it's got some limitations to uploading sizes and kinds of files.  So I am only including the parts left that I wrote with the exception of the MIDI section that was on one of the pages:)

So, sit back and enjoy "the possible benefits" of home computers...

BTW, I am typing this on an iMac that by most folks' standards is a dinosaur at 8 years old with only one software upgrade.  Most computers this age are in the dump by now.  However, judging from the issues I had loading these pages, it would be less time-consuming to upgrade:)

I have a special post planned for you on Easter Sunday, so stay tuned!

Until next time!


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