Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back To The Future: "Star Trek" Revisited!

Greetings Earthlings,

Since the main TV season has ended (not that I liked many of the shows) there has been nothing on that Taylor and I both want to watch while we eat dinner.  We eat late because he doesn't get off work until 8 p.m.  I record the evening news and zip through it before he gets home because nothing in it is too appetizing, not to mention the silly amount of "personal medication" commercials that I think should be banned!  But that's a whole different post...

L to R:  Scotty,  McCoy, Chekov, Nurse Chapel, Kirk, Uhura, Spock and Sulu

Anyway, I barely remember "Star Trek" when it first came out.  It was on after my bedtime and only my older brother Jeff watched it.  But in the 70s the reruns were on after school (before or after "Speed Racer"  LOL!  I was never into "Dark Shadows.")  My younger brother Stan Jr. and I watched them all and pretty much had them memorized.  He really got into it and even watched the following series' and movies.  I watched one or two movies, but never a new series.  Nothing beats the old one in my book.

So now Taylor and I enjoy watching one a day on Netflix.  I am amazed at what useless things I remember from 35-40 years ago!  I can guess their next line or movement with good accuracy.  The high-def TV really makes the sets look fake and the copious amounts of eyeliner, shadow and lipstick is obvious,  but it adds to the fun.  Some of our other observations:

Taylor:  "The future contains no ugly women."  (Note: Whenever they shoot a woman, they switch to filters that soften them.)

Gale:  "There must have been a shortage in fabric since the women's uniforms barely cover "their business."

Taylor:  "Even though there isn't gravity, you can still be flung around the bridge."

Gale: "Yet when the Enterprise is tilted, the floors are still level."

Taylor:  "Captain Kirk always rips up the right side of his shirt when he fights."

Gale:  "They sure can do a lot with cardboard.  Boulders and computers are both made of it."

Taylor & Gale:  "No matter where they are or who/what they are talking to, the language is always English."

Gale:  "Spock changes colors nearly every episode."

Everyone in the World:  "Never go on a landing party if you are wearing a red shirt unless you are Scotty!  (Although it appears women can go on landing parties in red and survive.)"

Taylor:  "Kirk started a new acting method called 'Shatnerian.'  It's when...you space...your words...for emphasis..."

If you were wondering what the uniform colors mean:

Green/Gold- command, helm
Blue- science, medical
Red- operations, engineering, security (poor guys)

As far as I know, only Kirk, Uhura and Sulu are left from original cast (possibly Chekov, who isn't exactly original.)  Leonard Nimoy (Spock) just passed away last month at age 83.

 Here is a link to a Star Trek Crossword puzzle-- Enjoy!

Well, must get back to chores!

 Live long and prosper,


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