Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just Checking In...


The Ides of March (complete with full moon) must be the reason this month has been crazy at home and at work!  Thank goodness my "March Madness" will soon be over for the most part.  On to April Fool's...LOL!

Speaking of "March Madness" (the real one), Taylor and I just finished watching the Purdue- Univ. of Cincy game and he totally called it right after halftime!  We missed the first half, but it happened to be on the channel the TV was left on, so we watched it over dinner.  Cincy was behind.  He said not to worry because they play just like Tressel's Buckeyes and always wait until the end.  Well, Cincy tied it at the final buzzer, went into OT, then got behind, then won at that final buzzer.  Whew!  It's exhausting, but Taylor had been to several games and knew exactly how they operate.  He was texting his band friends there during the game.

Audra got her cap and gown today and is very excited to be graduating on Mother's Day!  She wanted me to decorate her cap (and I said let's do this together...)  Apparently, it's a thing with college kids now.

I rhetorically asked the kids if they thought they were too old for Easter baskets and I got a resounding NO!  Really?  They are 19 and 22 years old!  But they quickly presented me with their baskets and of course the Easter Bunny will not disappoint!

Speaking of which, if you haven't read "Darby Creek Down" it's one of my earlier posts that you might find amusing, gruesome and a bit sad.  We have lots of bunnies living here at the 'Creek as their tracks (and "Cocoa Puff poo") remained after they came and ate the bird food I put out...

The Ladies' Third Birthday party "Egg Hunt"
L-R: Megg, Penelope, Martha Stewart, Petunia, Isabella, Henrietta, Sylvia and in front, Bonnie.  Absent:  Gloria, who was in the house laying her own chocolate brown egg.
The "ladies" will be four years old on Easter, so we will have to celebrate and take some pictures.  I can't believe they are all still here, though Megg had a bad few days last week.  They are thrilled to be out and about with the better weather (aren't we all?)

Well, enjoy your Spring Break if you get one and I will be back soon!


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