Monday, March 9, 2015

Time For The Spring "Melt!"


Well, Audra is home for her last Spring Break before graduating, so I took some time off work to spend time with her and Taylor.  Since I can't get them to agree on a movie, it's easy to just eat out as they are always ready to do that!  So, we decided to try someplace new...

Audra had been wanting us to go to "Melt" for quite some time and Taylor had asked to go to Easton Town Center in Columbus.  As luck would have it, there was a "Melt" that just opened at Easton!  As usual, Easton was packed and parking at a premium, but a car pulled away right in front of the restaurant.

The restaurant was also packed and the wait was an hour and 20 mins.  However, they will text you when your table is ready, so you don't have to stay there.  They give you a celebrity nametag and off you go.  We went to the new "Field & Stream" store across the street and killed the time.  It is exactly like "Cabella's" but that is no surprise.

Finally, I got the text and our table was waiting.  The service was excellent and the prices aren't out of line.  The atmosphere is kind of weird... they have yard ornaments from Halloween, Christmas and Easter intermingled.  Kinda creepy.

Everything on the menu involves cheese.  I hadn't had a Monte Cristo sandwich since I lived in California, so I got that.  Taylor had the Cod sandwich and Audra the Lasagna one.  They arrived surprisingly quick with a heaped high side of delicious fries.  They have a "challenge sandwich" featured on "Man vs Food" if one so chooses.  We didn't.

I would describe my sandwich as a "ham, turkey & cheese donut."  I probably wouldn't get it again.  Only ate about 1/4 of it.  Audra ate about the same and Taylor finished his off.  He said it was very good and Audra not-so-much.  We did have a ton of food for leftovers, but heat in the oven as the microwave will just, well, "melt" it into a soggy mess.

The sandwiches...

The Cod Sandwich

Their version of a Monte Cristo

The Lasagna sandwich

There are "Melts" popping up all over.  I think it is a fun place to try!  For more info, go to the link up top and check them out!

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  1. Wow!! How in the world can you eat all that!! Sounds like a great day with the kids.


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