Monday, January 5, 2015

Gale's Gallery XVI: Great Gifts That Are Sew Easy!


Hope all of you had a safe and Happy New Year holiday and best wishes for 2015!  May you find time to do things that make you happy!  I am going to try and finish up some UFO's (unfinished objects) and craft more new things.

Before I get started, I want to credit Lindsey Weirich of "The Frugal Crafter" blog and YouTube Channel for this idea.  She is multi-talented, so her tutorials aren't just one type of craft or art.  I am craft ADD, so it works for me!  I have been asked why I don't do instructional videos.  Well, time is an issue as well as equipment.  But, truly I think there are videos as good or better out there than I can do, so I will just direct you to them.  If I ever do something unique, maybe then I will do one.

I only had the chance to make a few gifts this year, but they are useful, inexpensive and easy to create.  This rice bag serves as a heating pad or cold pack.  As a cold pack it sure is more comfortable than the bag of peas!  Just stick in freezer and it will be ready when you need it.  To heat it, try 2 minutes in the micro and it should be perfect!

A great way to use up fat quarters!

All it takes is a fat quarter of cotton (please get good stuff and not the thin fabric from Wally World or Jo-Ann's as it will last longer!) and a ton of ordinary white rice.  If you have a funnel with a wide opening, that's great!  I didn't and made a huge mess.  Either get a second pair of hands or the funnel!  If you get the 20 lb bag at Kroger's it's something like $8.95.  With spillage, I got four of packs done.

It is simple straight stitching.  You fold the fat quarter in half right sides together, sew the long end, then a short end, fold back the other short end and make a little hem.  Turn rightside out and sew right down the middle to make two channels (keeps rice from bunching up.)  Fill 3/4 of each channel with rice, then sew the end shut.  Make sure you backstitch over all your starts and stops to make it strong!  All done!

Try to take time to make one for yourself too!

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