Sunday, December 28, 2014

The 'Creek's 2014 Year In Reverse (& a trick chicken...)


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  It's time for that annual bit of reflecting, so I thought I would do it backward like most other things I do:)  If you don't know my family personally, you might want to drop to the end to the chicken!

This was a busy month for the kids.  Taylor finished up his first semester at University of Cincinnati, but had to go back Christmas day to hop on a bus with the band to DC as the Bearcats got into the Military Bowl.  After their star quarterback got hurt, he said everyone knew it was over.  They had to use a wide receiver (Munchie) to fill in--though the same thing happened against the same team in the same bowl a few years ago and Munchie won the game.  (Sort of reminds me of Ohio St. this year going through quarterbacks like water.  Go Bucks! Beat Alabama on New Year's day and go to the national championships!)

Audra now has one semester left before she graduates from Ohio Wesleyan and will have to find a real job.  She is catching up on cooking shows and Netflix as I type.

This Fall Audra had her senior recital and did a great job.  It's hard to play the French Horn for a half hour alone!  Audra and I went to Cincinnati to visit Taylor and take in a UC home game (they won.)  My sis-in-law Mary and I went to the Ohio St.-UC game to see Taylor play in the 'Shoe (which is now closed-in and not really a shoe anymore...)

The ladies (hens) had a nice summer that wasn't too hot, but they had a hard moult and quit laying in August or so.  I was afraid they had gone into early "henopause," but found out everyone's hens did the same thing around here.  Weird.

This Summer I changed from Appliance Sales Specialist to Kitchen Specialist at Lowe's.  It is nice to be able to be creative (and nicer to deal less with appliances...)  I design kitchens, craft rooms, laundry rooms, the occasional bathroom and even a basement!

Taylor graduated from high school and worked for his dad in construction.  He sure got hot and dirty!

Not much happened last Spring aside from dealing with the yard in the aftermath of that never-ending awful Winter.

Truly and Carrie are doing fine and look forward to their daily chewy treat we like to call bamboo because that's how Truly eats it between her feet.

It was an all-round nice year here at the 'Creek.  I plan to do more crafting and blogging next year (though I should be doing more cleaning!)  If there is a question or topic you would like me to address, just let me know!

One thing I was finally able to get captured on video is Henrietta the Americauna hen (brown with a beard and ear muffs who is more like a dog than a hen) catching treats in the backyard.  She has caught up to 8 in a row, but this day was windy and she only got 2... the other hens let the treats bounce off their beaks or heads or whatever.... the bottom video is easier to see.

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness in 2015!


P.S.  Audra did finally decorate the tree Christmas Eve.  Even undecorated, the tree was pretty and it smells unusually nice!

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