Friday, January 30, 2015

"Be Kind To Sales Clerks" Revisited


Even though I've moved on to kitchen design, I am often helping in appliances since it's next door.  Though it seems worlds away-  Usually... more on that later...

When folks come into the appliance department, they see me and many make assumptions that aren't terribly accurate.  Mostly that I'm a sweet, middle-aged gal who uses all the appliances daily, who strives to be the perfect homemaker.  Not really, except for the sweet part LOL!

They think I know everything about everything in the store (I'm good, but not that good!)  That is, unless they do and there "ain't room for both of us to be right."  (If you're placing bets, better go with me...)  However, when I say I don't know to an unanswerable question or I've exhausted the options to find out instantly, I don't know!  Standing there staring at me after that will not make me know.  It's been tried.  Even if I might have an answer, I'm not always allowed to give it because of liability issues.

Here are some true stories about what goes on any given day:

Yesterday a couple and their "contractor" friend came to order some cabinets.  I asked them if they wanted crown molding or toe kick.  "Contractor" said "No, the cabinets come with it."  I explained they don't and he went nuts and took off for the next aisle to prove me wrong.  He showed me our display which had toe kick and I said that was because it was a display.  Instead of finding an already open box, he swooped down and ripped up a base cabinet box and saw I was right.  "That's just another way they git ya to spend more!", he grumbled.   I patiently explained that if toe kick came on the cabinet, there would be cracks between every cabinet.  He said "not if you install them right!"  Whatever.

Then there's guy who took a couple months to decide on a counter top and came in right before the holidays to purchase.  He asked me to call the vendor and speed it up because he was having company.  Sorry, ain't happening!  Worse, another man came in mad the Sunday before Christmas because he had "cash money" and we couldn't get a granite counter top ordered/installed before Christmas.

A fellow asked me if we price matched.  I said "yes, if it's apples to apples and an in-stock item."  I fully expected to get on the computer and verify an appliance price, but instead, he showed me a couple mailbox numbers.  He said Menards had them for .69 cents and ours were .72 cents.  Really?  They obviously had run out of 1s.  I was tempted to give him the change out of my pocket, but behaved.

A lady complained that her washer was leaking.  She had tried "everything."  However, her everything went a whole lot further than anyone else's... She even tried radiator leak sealer in it.  Really?  She had no idea what part of the washer was leaking mind you.  She said someone suggested that she try Quikcrete Water Leak Sealer!  FYI, this is for driveways, etc., and we only carry 50 pound bags.  Several folks tried to stop her, but she bought a bag and said she'd just put a little in at a time until it stopped leaking...  Roto-Rooter will be making a fortune on this one.

Another lady put her phone up to her washer so I could here the clunking noise.  Why do we need repairman when I can do that???  Of course I had no idea, but wouldn't take "I don't know" for an answer (see above.)  I've been asked over the phone to measure the dimensions of every washer we sell while she stayed on the line because the lady didn't trust the cubic footage listed in descriptions.

Back to cabinets:  A gal asked if we had matching trim for her broken laminate counter top.  We didn't, but gave her some options.  A light bulb came on in her head and she said, "I think I'll use duct tape around the edge.  It looks like metal..."  Yep, lady.  No one will ever know...

Well, until next time, remember to be friendly to those who work in retail.  You may enjoy "retail therapy," but most of us need therapy after a long day.


P.S.  Here is a link to the original post:  There Should Be A 'Be Kind To Sales Clerks' Week!

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