Friday, October 17, 2014

Gale's Gallery XIV: Easy, Peasy Pumpkin Project...

or at least it probably can be.  It sure did look simple in a Marie's Candies display.  I have a house full of supplies, but every time I get a hankering to make something, it takes several trips to the store to complete (and of course more money than I planned.)

The pumpkin from h#@l.  Nosey "Martha Stewart" polish hen coming up to see if this was a treat.

Here are the instructions, along with my tale of woe:

I didn't bother getting instructions because it didn't look like anything but a pile of painted lids and some cinnamon sticks.  I also didn't count how many lids because I didn't think that mattered either... However, all my Ball jar lids are attached to jars, so I would have to get some.  If you happen to have 24 of those puppies laying around, good for you!

I paid $5 for a box of 12 thinking that was kinda high, but I didn't want to drive all over.  Since I work at Lowe's,  I picked up a can of Valspar dark orange flat spray paint.  Krylon didn't have the right color, but I sure wish they'd make it.

I sprayed the 12 lid rings to the point I have an orange deep freeze and possibly, Jeep.  The paint said it was primer/paint for wood/metal/plastic.  My Aunt Fannie!  Every time you would touch them, the paint chipped off.  It was a real mess.  I was going for the "rustic" look, but this was ridiculous!  So, I decided to make the pumpkin and repaint it whole, then spray on several coats of satin sealer.

I have long strips of colored wire, but a long pipe cleaner or even ribbon would do (but something stiff is easier for one person to handle.)  I string up the lids and it looks like crap, flaking all the while.  How could I screw this up???  I got online and immediately saw the problem.  But they said theirs were only $2.50 a box at Dollar General, so off I go.  Not so, mine were bigger lids and I spent another $5.  Then another $5 on the cinnamon.  Whatever...there was no turning back now!

I finally finished and strung them, then used the tail of my long orange wires and hung it.  (It takes some doing to shape and tie it, but with a little finagling it will be fine.)   I sprayed it again with the orange because I refused to buy yet another can of paint, then two coats of sealer, throwing away the first can because it clogged up- but at least I had a spare.

Add a couple sticks of cinnamon and you're done!  I still don't trust it to not flake, but it is kinda cute!  Would also be cheap if you already had the lids and paint!  Except for the spray paint, kids could do it.  I guess one could also paint these with a brush and acrylic, but I am way to instant gratification-oriented to do that!

Until next time --Keep on crafting!


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