Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Accidental Expert: "P****d-Off" Pooch Photography

Ivy wasn't much for costumes...

Some dogs have no sense of humor!  As I was going through some photos, I noticed a recurring "mad" dog photo theme.  (Note:  Taking dog photos can make people mad as well.  This can be the case in front of or behind the camera.  Almost every Jack Russell Terrier breeder- couple I knew are now divorced, no doubt in some part because they had to photograph their dogs to register them. Once, I took 3 rolls of 36 photos of a dog and opted to buy doubles thinking there had to be some decent ones.  There wasn't one keeper.  Since we had to pay to get them developed back then, it was an expensive pile tossed in the trash.)  I seem to have a gift for taking even the most attractive dogs and taking perfectly awful photos!

Check these "mad" dog photos out: (Note: When you can't see their lips, they are mad.)  BTW, my Facebook photo is of an annoyed Truly who did not want to pose!

Gee.  I wonder why Bailey doesn't enjoy being strangled?

Colette wasn't fond of dog shows....
Not sure what Windi's problem is here...

Taylor holding poor Minnie

Now,  I was just talking about regular photos.  If you really want nasty looks, dress them up!  The only dog I never dressed was Tucker and he was just too cool to embarrass that way.  (Plus, I could make him mad without dressing him up...)  Everyone else was fair game.  No matter what you may think, no dog wants to be dressed up.  Trust me.

Bailey never did smile much, but she definitely isn't digging the Monica Lewinsky "Blue Dress Look"

Windi not liking the glasses

Minnie wanted out of those panties.... We were at the Mardi Growl Ball in New Orleans.

Windi was usually a sport.  But not this time.  She hated the reindeer antlers worse though!

Well, I am sure I can find many more, but you get the idea!  I would say that I'd be better off having a professional take the pics, but...

Normally,  Goldens are happy-go-lucky.  I never showed Bailey in obedience because she wasn't, well, obedient!  Here, she kept jumping off the table.  I picked her up the 3rd time and had had it (and let her know it!)  I am getting "the stink eye" as I stood glaring at her.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this and can relate!  Feel free to post your "mad" dog pics in the comments!

Warmest regards!



  1. No wonder Minnie loved us so much! She made us promise not to dress her up and put bows in her hair and in return, she was the best girl ever! Miss her!

  2. Sandy, that New Orleans trip was when you babysat her at the airport! I knew then you would be a perfect home! She had a great life with you! However l think I recall a pic where you had her and Syd wearing t-shirts...lol!

    Take care!

  3. Hey you got some good ones there though. I always laugh that I am the worst photographer.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Yep, I couldn't make a living at being a pet photographer! Hope all is well with you!


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