Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The 2014 Back To School Issue: Quieter Days Ahead!

Where did Summer go?

Several birds made a home (and bathroom) on my front porch.  Though it is my favorite part of the house, I didn't get to enjoy it this Summer. 

Normally, I walk in greeted by a messy kitchen, hungry kids and cooking shows or "Big Bang Theory" on TV.  The living room doesn't look like a tornado hit it.  I don't have to ask if the dogs have been out or fed.  (Only a 50/50 shot they did that if they were here, but I asked anyway.)  The dirty laundry fits neatly in the hamper.

It's quiet.  Too quiet.  Now I have no excuse for not getting things done unless I am at work.  I love my new position designing kitchens.  It's like night/day from the appliance desk!

I did get to spend some time with the kids doing silly things.  We binge-watched "Big Bang" and had a movie night when "Sharknado 2" aired.  LOL, I am told that it is technically "better" than "Sharknado."  Thank goodness the only thing that can happen to me is the occasional "beenado" when the bees swarm...though I suppose a "carpnado" isn't entirely out of the question here in Ohio!  We spent part of a day at Put-In-Bay, a popular Lake Erie destination/tourist trap.

Getting two kids off to college was a challenge:  Audra is a Senior at Ohio Wesleyan Univ. studying music and Taylor is a Freshman at Univ. of Cincinnati studying Engineering.  He is in the band and I am hoping to get tickets to see him when they play Ohio State in a few weeks.  Audra is preparing for her Senior french horn recital the end of September.  She's wearing a gown and everything!

Taylor's favorite meal this Summer--Raising Cane's.  It's good, but a bit greasy.  Fortunately, there isn't one close.
So, it's the hens, Truly the Chin, Carrie the Yorkie, Karma the blind/deaf JRT, Rex the 50 year old parrot, Audra's lovebirds and me.  Seemed like all of them had health issues this Summer and I'm glad things are better now.

I am working up some new posts, but thought I'd give you an update---

Until next time!


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  1. So far my lovebirds were healthy. Here's hoping they continue to be.


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