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Gale's Gallery XIII: Our Get-Away To Stampaway USA!

Hello everyone!

I bet your last weekend wasn't like mine... Friday night I discovered my hen Sylvia Scarlett had a prolapsed uterus (some of her innards coming out her rear.) So at 6:30 a.m. Saturday my friends Wanda, Elesa, Karen pulled into my driveway and found me sticking Preparation H up a chicken's butt (with a glove.)  I repeated this several times over the weekend and Sunday night tried to vet-wrap her rear shut for the night.  It took three of us to do this and it still didn't work.  I found Sylvia in her crate with vet-wrap wound around her ankles LOL!  Things aren't always as easy as they appear on the Internet....It looks like today though she is "normal."

So off we went early Saturday morning to northern Cincinnati to the 2014 Stampaway Convention   If you are a crafter, you really ought to go as the choices are endless and everything is in one place!  There are conventions dotted all over the nation, so look up one near you.

Anyway, a nice uneventful drive there landed us about 15 mins. early.  We got in line to enter thinking there wasn't much of a crowd.  Soon, the line went down and around the back of the convention center and once in the building, it was overwhelming!  If there is a problem with the economy, it wasn't apparent because there were lines to pay at all the booths.

I had a modest list of things I wanted to add to my "collection" and I pretty much stuck to it, not spending a lot.  But I was in the minority, perhaps because I already have a "craft store" in my basement.  I wasn't buying anything that I could get locally with a coupon.

We only stayed until around 12:30 p.m., but we were "spent" both financially and physically.  I will get into different techniques in other posts as I really just wanted to give you a brief photo tour... I think if you click on them, you can get a larger version.

Just For Fun Studios:  I got a neat rooster stamp there.

So many Fall cards, so little time (or reason to send them...)

Lots of booths had "make 'n takes" reasonably priced, but none of us took the time.

These feature acetate butterflies that are glittered from the back.  Fun and easy peasy...

more of the same
This booth featured more "artsy" sort of things-wish I could recall which booth!

This one featured die cuts...
Nearly every booth was packed with people, making it hard to see.
A popular booth!
Die cuts come in all shapes and sizes and are made to fit most cutters.  They are very handy for making multiple or quick cards.
I have a three dimensional stamp from this company.  With cutting patience, you can make lovely things.  It's the same stamp with different sections cut out and placed on top of each other.

More of the dimensional booth...

Of course we are all taught not to "rock" our stamps, but this clever handle is great for large images that don't always get enough pressure in the middle.  I bought the smaller version--it was on my list, but wasn't going to get due to price of $25.   Then I saw the smaller version which really is a more usable size...yeah!

Craft celebrity Donna Kato was giving demos for Judi-kins.  I first watched her on the Carol Duvall show nearly 20 years ago!

Some patriotic ideas from Our Daily Bread.

I think this is the Stamper's Anonymous booth.  This for the more avant garde artist.

More Fall cards, I love the colors!

We bought the last of these from Impression Obsession.  It was well worth $5 with 40 unmounted stamps inside!  Most of them I could use...

My haul-  The mini-mount clear handle, apple and rooster stamps, snow globe die cut, Staz-on black re-inker (can't get them at stores), a stipple brush, mini roller,  ticket stamp, binder that turns powders into paint and a clear glitter marker (made sense to buy clear as it could be used on things colored by other products--why get a bunch of colors?)

Waste not, want not!  I got all of these stamps mounted from just one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of E-Z mount with the little bit in upper right left over!

We were so tired when we got home, none of us played with our new stuff.  (I, of course, had to re-visit Sylvia's rear....)  I will be spending quite a bit of time mounting all those teeny, tiny stamps!

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for info on techniques and some samples of what was done with this pile of stuff.  

Until next time, keep crafting!


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  1. Long way to go for supplies, but worth it if you got things you needed. Hope your chick gets better.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
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