Saturday, April 13, 2013

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow....

and an enormous pain!  I don't think there is anything I dread worse (well, maybe dental work) than moving.  After nearly 15 years, we are selling "this 'The Creek" and looking for a smaller place.  (Ironically, one of the finalists so far actually backs up to a creek!)

The weather hasn't helped with getting the place ready to sell, but it's on the market.  Funny how you do the things you've always wanted to do for 15 years, just to sell it.  Crazy with working full-time, Mark in Arkansas for who knows how long and four showings this weekend alone.  So it's Taylor and I doing our best.  Good excuse not to cook (like I ever needed any...)  Looks like I get to start mowing next week which is about 5 hours a shot.

Several folks have wanted to see it (please note I've de-personalized and there are lots of bare walls) so I will make it easy for you... just click below

There have been some interesting, fun and/or unusual things happen here over the years.  Lots of memories, but more will be made elsewhere.  

I've got a few tips for you I'd like to share:

My friend Meg showed me how to take down wallpaper with very little effort and no expense.  Get a spray bottle and fill with hot water.  Spray the paper, then peel off what will likely be the outer layer unless you are lucky or have thin paper.  Then mist again.  What doesn't peel off easily will come off with the edge of a gift or old credit card.  For tough or sticky spots (like with those borders) any kind of citrus mist found in the air freshener section of stores will take it right off.  I had some paint over spray on wallpaper and it came off without harming the wallpaper at all.  You should always keep some of that around.  

The best carpet products are made by Capture.  Works even on old spots.  For removing stains on unsealed concrete floors, mix up a cup of white vinegar, a squirt of dish detergent and a gallon of hot water.  Mop over the stain, scrubbing as needed, then let it set for an hour.   Mop up with clean water.  Then heavily sprinkle baking soda on the spot and scrub in a minute.  Let set overnight.  Sweep up the next day and no spot!

Magic Erasers are the best things since sliced bread.  Will work on ceramic cook tops, stainless, even painted walls without removing paint.  Never be without them.  Still looking for the best stainless appliance cleaner--that really depends on the finish.  Some do well with just multi-purpose window cleaners, but for those that streak, try a fairly heavy application of Citrus Shine and apply in tiny circles.  Doesn't always eliminate streaking, but for most it will do the trick.

I have had good luck cleaning the grout with a Clorox bleach pen.  It's quick and easy.

Well, better get ready for another round of showings tomorrow!  



  1. Great shot of the property. Hope it goes quickly for you and you find what you are looking for.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
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