Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scenes From (Under) The 'Hood: A Visit To The Local Antique Tractor Show

Hello all!

Well, it's that time of year when it gets really steamy... especially in Plain City, OH, the home of the Miami Valley Steam Thresher's 63rd Annual Reunion and Show.  Mark is the president this year, but he has been an active member most of his life.  The show features antique farm equipment, but it's a lot like a fair with yummy, expensive junk food ($20 for 2 lemonades, a fry and a sausage sandwich,) entertainment, flea market, a two-hour parade and big tractor pull.   He is especially proud that the featured group of Allis-Chalmers had a record turnout for their "Gathering of the Orange," with 745 exhibits showing up for this national event (more than 300 folks came to the banquet last night!)

There was also record spectator attendance, along with records broken in the amount of other types of equipment.  Congratulations for a big job well done to the board of directors and all of the members who work long and hard hours to bring this to the community!

Here is a brief interview with Mark by the Ohio Agriculture Network:

Here are some scenes from the show---you will see lots of orange, usually it's lots of green (for John Deere!)

This is my husband Mark getting ready to crank start his 1918 AC Mack truck, the kids and I lovingly call "Mater." 

Mark had the honor of leading the parade with the Mayor of Plain City, Sandra Adkins.  She said it was a nice change from riding in the back of a convertible!

Getting ready to pull out on the parade route that shuts the town down for more than two hours!  This is the most that this truck has ever been driven in one stretch.

Orange Everywhere!

Audra and Taylor always begged to ride the little barrel train through the park.  Sadly, they are way too big now!

The Ohio Village Muffins old-time baseball team plays after the parade (in wool uniforms!)

Not sure what this is about.  But it's in Harley colors...  Below is a beautiful antique semi-tractor...

Here are some "blast from the past" show photos:

Taylor begged his dad to drive ol' "Dirt" the Oil Pull in the parade probably eight years ago and then he talked Grandpa into it another year on his Oil Pull tractor.  Mark was able to get it to blow perfect smoke rings right at the announcer's reviewing stand.  The folks loved it.

One year they made the "Columbus Dispatch:"

This was Mark's Rumely steam engine "Dorothy Jean" taking a power test.  Behind the belt is Grandpa's Model TT Ford truck.

Here is a brief clip of Mark running her...

This is "Dirt" after a make-over.  

Not to be forgotten is "Dirt's" roommate "Gert" below.  She went to a lot of shows because she was prettier than "Dirt" for many years.

If you are in the 'hood the 2nd week of July, be sure to stop by Pastime Park and enjoy the show.  For more information, go to the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association Facebook page or website.  Or you can just contact me and Mark can answer any questions.

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  1. Hey looks like it actually was probably fun. Mark's tractor is old. Since he has it running apparently he really enjoys it.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. I don’t need to ask why you call your hubby’s Mack truck “Mater”. Well, it really reminds me of Mater from the movie “Cars”! Haha! Its weary color really represents Mater’s rusty but remarkable and lovable personality!


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