Monday, February 6, 2012

Wanted! Dead or Alive!

Mark made the ladies a lovely set of four wooden nesting boxes.  They are neat and tidy and so much nicer than the stacking baskets I was using.  Coincidentally, I started finding broken eggs.  Sometimes a dented end and sometimes the whole thing cracked.  I thought maybe the immature ones were dropping the thinner shelled eggs and they were hitting hard on the wood, then breaking.  But, Mark is a farmer and suspected that wasn't the case...

Well, he was right!  I caught Sophie yolk-beaked destroying eggs in the nesting box.  She had ruined two, then later I found a third.  Unless they are teaming up, she is in big trouble!  I can't have her ruining that many eggs a day.  I was getting ready to call my neighbor to come get her and fry her up (I'm mad, but I could never eat my pets.)  But, Taylor said to give him a chance to look up a solution.  OK.

"Sophie" aka Bad Chicken!
If she lives through this, I am tempted to put a "Scarlet E" on her chest for Egg-eater!

Tomorrow I will place emptied out shells filled with soap in the boxes and see what happens.  Hopefully, she and anyone else tempted will learn a valuable "life" lesson-- Will the solution be a winner or will she be dinner?  It's Sophie's Choice!  LOL  Check back and see what happens!

Till then,

Gale (madder than an old wet hen!)


  1. Oh no what a bad girl and the punishment can certainly be harsh. Hope this works for her.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. What the heck? What would make a chicken do that? Silly!

  3. Oh, too funny!! bad chicken. I'll be checking back for the outcome. Maybe you can mail me dinner!! LOL


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