Monday, February 6, 2012

Wanted! Dead or Alive!

Mark made the ladies a lovely set of four wooden nesting boxes.  They are neat and tidy and so much nicer than the stacking baskets I was using.  Coincidentally, I started finding broken eggs.  Sometimes a dented end and sometimes the whole thing cracked.  I thought maybe the immature ones were dropping the thinner shelled eggs and they were hitting hard on the wood, then breaking.  But, Mark is a farmer and suspected that wasn't the case...

Well, he was right!  I caught Sophie yolk-beaked destroying eggs in the nesting box.  She had ruined two, then later I found a third.  Unless they are teaming up, she is in big trouble!  I can't have her ruining that many eggs a day.  I was getting ready to call my neighbor to come get her and fry her up (I'm mad, but I could never eat my pets.)  But, Taylor said to give him a chance to look up a solution.  OK.

"Sophie" aka Bad Chicken!
If she lives through this, I am tempted to put a "Scarlet E" on her chest for Egg-eater!

Tomorrow I will place emptied out shells filled with soap in the boxes and see what happens.  Hopefully, she and anyone else tempted will learn a valuable "life" lesson-- Will the solution be a winner or will she be dinner?  It's Sophie's Choice!  LOL  Check back and see what happens!

Till then,

Gale (madder than an old wet hen!)


Sunray Gardens said...

Oh no what a bad girl and the punishment can certainly be harsh. Hope this works for her.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

Sissy said...

What the heck? What would make a chicken do that? Silly!

Unknown said...

Oh, too funny!! bad chicken. I'll be checking back for the outcome. Maybe you can mail me dinner!! LOL