Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go!

Well, I promised a humor piece, so here it is.  This was originally published in the "AKC Family Pet" magazine, Summer 2004.  It is nice to sometimes make a little money recounting my canine calamities!  It was also nominated by the publisher for a Dog Writer's of America Award,  It was my second nomination (two different years, publishers and categories.)  I keep losing to more "famous" dog folks.  An easy feat, since I am not at all famous!  Maybe they are just better writers...naw, that can't be it...

This is a story of Ivy, previously reported about in other posts.  She celebrated her "Sweet 16" birthday a couple weeks ago.  She is gaining weight, still fickle, but not showing a desire to run off.  She hates her jacket I make her wear, but she hates being cold worse!

The other character in this tale is Karma.  Karma is now 12 and acts like a puppy.  Actually, she thinks like one...not the sharpest knife in the doggie drawer.  She is one "heckava" junior showmanship dog though.  Anybody can win with her as she throws free-stacks like nobody's business.  She can still flat-footed jump up on a grooming table.  She shows no signs of aging.

Anyway, I am not technically proficient on this blogging program, so the only way I know how to do this is to add sections as photos.  Otherwise, the file is too large.  Fingers crossed!  I think you can enlarge on your end if the print is too small.  It is taking me nearly as long to load this as it did to write it LOL!  Btw, you may notice that some of the words aren't quite my "style."  (Highjinks being one example...I don't think it's even spelled correctly!  Editors!)

OOPS!  Here is that photo whole!


  1. Yes a little too much craziness for me. :) Give me a Yorkie any day.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Did you do obedience with YORKIES or the Jack Russells? I did obedience with an imported German Shepherd for a number of years, had no idea how bright she was until-I got a YORKIE! Yikes. Quite a bit of IQ differential there, cuz!

  3. You bet Cher. My Carrie is never far from me. I loved my goldens too, but they take up too much of the sofa! LOL Just kidding, I had to kennel them because I couldn't stand the hair. I hope to always have at least one yorkie.

  4. Hey Cuz,

    I started to train a yorkie once, but too much bending. Plus, I've only known one or two that I thought might like doing it. My Princess Carrie would say "Excuse me? You want me to do what? The Empress Truly would just sigh and a go find a place for a nap.

    My first obedience dog was a Lhasa Apso named Mindi. She scored in the high 190s except the time she was run over by a stroller and flunked. My serious obedience dogs were generally goldens or a client's dog when I used to give private lessons, then take out and finish their titles.

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