Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Some Updates and An Amazing Race Moment...

Well, it's mid-September and I thought things would slow down!  Audra is settled in at Ohio Wesleyan University, though still overwhelmed with the work load.  Music Ed. students have several more classes than other majors and I think they have them take too many for the first semester in college.

No news on Ivy.  We have come to the conclusion that if she could have come back she would have way before this.  Either a coyote got her, the most likely scenario, or someone picked her up and didn't report her anywhere.  Good luck if they think they are gonna make money breeding this cute little dog.  She's nearly 16 and spayed LOL!

When it rains it pours.  We board (rarely) a 75 pound German Shepherd mix that has many emotional issues as well as hip problems.  She is afraid of everything and you can't catch her.  No one else will do it but the grandparents and they were with the owners.  In a nutshell, the dog went over our fence (so much for the bad hips...) and took off Sat. a.m.  After a four-hour heart attack, several calls from the Sheriff's Dept., a canine officer, his dog, me and Taylor at the side of a freeway, we were able to corner her at, get this, her back door.  She ran all the way home.  She knew the jogging trail once she hit her sub-division, but how she knew to get to it is something else.  I would be impressed if she hadn't put all of us in danger, especially the officer and his dog.  He was amazing.  The owners told us we would have to call animal control and have them shoot her with a tranquilizer gun.  Why would anyone want a dog like that????  They have a 2 year old girl and another baby on the way.  There used to be two dogs, but the other one bit the girl and they placed him.  He was actually the one they thought was "good!"  I give up.  I will not be doing this again!


I am going to add some photos soon to some of my other posts because I am a bit OCD about organization.  Take a peek when you get a chance!

Have a great week!


  1. It's a big responsibility watching someone else's dog. Not fun.
    Sorry to hear Ivy is still missing.
    You know you can always do more posts with those photos you are talking about and hey what about some garden photos?
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. I am going to work on it. My gardening doesn't compare to yours, that's for sure. Although I do have quite a weed sanctuary...

    Do you want any yucca or hummingbird (trumpet) vine pods? I don't think I have much to split this year except dandelion clumps and you likely don't want them!

    Am pushing Nanette to get Chin finished. Will likely be at Urbana and Delaware shows. Can't show at COKC because Nanette is on board.

    Hope all is well with you!


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