Saturday, October 1, 2022

Quick Tips: Layering & Repurposing Diecut Tricks (Actually, Treats!)

Hello!  Happy World Cardmaking Day!

Well, it's Fall here in Central Ohio and my favorite season.  I'd love it more if it didn't mean Winter was right behind it.  Oh, the dread!!  But for now, I will enjoy all the things!

Last year I bought the Pumpkin Patch set (all materials linked below...AFIL, thank you!!) However, time got away from me and Halloween came and went.  I don't send many Halloween card, but they are fun to make!   Do you send them?

There is a tutorial link below with the details, but here are the projects finally complete.  I reimagined some dies to make other diecuts...can you tell where?

Here is the link to the quick tip tutorial:

Here are the supplies I used:

I will see you again soon!


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