Friday, December 6, 2019

How to Stamp on Velvet! Tips 'N Tricks!


Today we are going to stamp on velvet to make a stocking, pillow or other project!  My YouTube tutorial is linked below.  

There are a few rules one must follow for success:

-Stamp ONLY with red rubber stamps--not clear ones!  The vulcanized rubber is made to withstand heat.

-Stamp ONLY on rayon/silk velvet fabric.  It will not work on polyester.  The extra expense is worth the result.

-Dry Clean ONLY or spot clean the finished piece when necessary.  You could lift the stamped image otherwise.

-Don't use an iron with steam holes or you will get little dots:)  You mist the fabric with water to obtain steam.

-Use a bold line stamp.  Delicate images don't have the same impact.

Hero Arts carries a large line of red rubber stamps.  

Supply links:

Have a great week!

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