Saturday, June 8, 2019

How To Make Quick & Easy Candy Bar Wrappers!

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Coming very soon I will have a YouTube video (Update--link is below and will go live 7/1/19 at 9 a.m. EST as part of Jess and Laura's "Hooray For 3K" Video Hop) with lots of versions of these...some quick to mass produce and some more elaborate.  I'm making some for my daughter's wedding reception.

Here's the YT link:  

Today though, I have one using the Hero Arts Marble Background, Butterfly Fancy Die and DecoFoil Shattered Rainbow Foil by Therm-o-Web.  All the supplies are linked below (afil.)  These instructions are for a 1.5 oz Hershey bar (plain.)

Here's what I did (after eating one of the candy bars to get the wrapper measurements just right :)

  • Cut a square using thinner weight paper (80 lbs or less) measuring 5 3/4" x 6".
  • Turn on a laminator to let it warm up.
  • Cut out a shape for the center the size you want on masking paper or post-it note tape.  Place your project so you are looking at it the 6" wide direction.
  • Stamp a 6 x 6" background stamp in Versamark clear ink.
  • Pull off mask and stamp sentiment in clear as well.  You might want to use a stamp positioner.
  • Heat emboss using clear powder.
  • Cut a square of the foil and lay on project making sure to cover edges.  Place in folded parchment, carrier sheet or large copy paper, then send through laminator folded end first.  (I sent through twice because I had only 100 lb paper easily accessible--long story...)
  • Let cool for a few seconds, then peel off the foil.  Viola!
  • Wrap around candy bar and hide adhesive using double sided tape on the bottom that gets covered with the wrapper.
  • Add the butterfly or other adornments if desired.

Here are the supply links:

The next stop on the hop is: Courtney Kreeber

Hope you enjoy great Summer parties!  I would love you to comment on other projects you want to see!

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