Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Easy Stenciling With Watercolor Powders & Pastes--C.A.S.E.-ing JC Cards

Hi everyone!

(Once again I apologize for being gone so long.  Wedding reception, work, yardwork and following my new champion dog have kinda taken up my weeks... ) 

Here's today's project-

And the card I finished on the video tutorial linked below:

I belong to the FB group "Craft Collabs."  We get together every now and then and to something fun.  This time we are C.A.S.E.- ing (Copy and Share Everything) another member to get out of our comfort zones and to learn from fellow creators.  I am C.A.S.E.- ing Jen Colacicco of JC Cards.  She is a member of the Wow and Catherine Pooler design teams.  She does lovely work and you should definitely check her out. 

Here is my tutorial-  the supplies are linked below (afil) if you would like find them!

Thank you Jen for your inspiration!  Here is the link to Jen's original post- https://youtu.be/M0848ldoYsA  

Here are the supplies:

I hope you enjoyed today's project, will subscribe here and over at YouTube for more and come back again soon!  


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