Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our "Bittersweet" Trip To The Candy Store


Well, we are nearly halfway through December.  Where does the time go?  Winter decided to come to Ohio a bit earlier than expected and it isn't welcome!

However, it was a nice backdrop for my annual pilgrimage to Marie's Candies in West Liberty, OH. This time I was joined by my daughter Audra, but we both felt saddened that our beloved Barbie (Alexander) wasn't along, but she was in spirit.  You see, Barb hardly ever left her home the last few years (especially when it was cold, which was anything under 75 degrees.)  But she always asked for me to take her to Marie's to pick up a few gifts and go to lunch every Halloween and Christmas.  It made a long day for her, but she insisted.

The ride to Marie's is through the country and usually pretty, but this time is was gray and blah. Audra and I went to the Liberty Cafe as usual.  It's a small town diner with "country cooking."  We both brought home leftovers from the roast beef "Thursday Special" with dressing, mashed potatoes/gravy over everything, escalloped corn and rolls.  No calories there....

Unfortunately, we heard the news of the passing of John Glenn while we were there.  He was always a hero of mine.  He lived in nearby New Concord, OH (I'm from Zanesville.)  In 5th grade or so, we were asked to write a letter to an inspiring American and I wrote to him.  He responded with a handwritten letter that I still have and will share when I can get it out of an out of town safe box.

There were some older townsmen visiting at a table nearby that cracked us up.  One was wearing shorts!  A 70-something widower said he wondered if it was too late for him to remarry.  Another guy said "I'm sure there's some deaf and blind woman around that would take you!"  One of them joked "A man who is wrong and keeps quiet is wise.  A man who is right and keeps quiet is married..."

Then up the street to Marie's-

The front window of Marie's is always lovely.
So after choosing gift boxes, I always get a 1/4 pound of dark chocolate peppermint chews if they have them.  They run out constantly (well the 2 or 3 times a year I am there.)  This time they had at least the milk chocolate ones!  I always plan on "rationing" them for a few days, but the bag is empty by the time we pull into the driveway!  If I bought more, I'd just eat more, so I don't.

Over the years I ordered Barb boxes of chocolate from all over the country.  Plus, I would stress over finding other gifts that she would want, need or even use...  Every Christmas Eve I'd put out the pile on the coffee table and she would say "I hope there is a box of chocolate in there somewhere!"  She said she hated winding up getting me Godiva every year because it almost always was old.  I didn't mind though.  For some reason I have never been a fan of the locally made Anthony Thomas and she knew that.

Anyway, I will return soon with some new cards and stories as time permits.

Here's to a wonderful Christmas season to you and yours!


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