Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Second Annual "Ghouls Night Out!" A Smoky View From The Fire Pit!


I can't believe we are into November already.  Of course the Christmas decorations have been in the stores for a month:(

Since I moved to a "high density" neighborhood (and really hadn't had trick or treaters since my teens), I decided to throw a little party for friends who live out where no trick or treater cares to go...  I get it, the candy per capita is too low and the walk between houses too high!

Anyway, it was a lovely night, though it got a bit colder than we anticipated.   I thought I had that covered with my fire pit in the driveway as we planned to sit around it in our witch's hats, but mostly it was a smoke pit until Donna got it going right.  If smoke really follows beauty, it had several choices as we all got hit at one time or another!

We had chili and cornbread, pumpkin muffins, peanut butter chocolate bars, cheese, crackers and of course, candy!  We just decorated a table in the garage, hung the "Jolly Roger" flag, ate and waited for the kids to start rolling in.  I still don't have a handle on how my phone camera handles daylight and dark, so some of the great pics didn't work out...but here goes:

This was better a few seconds before when he was staring straight ahead with huge eyes.  Still cute!

Not sure what to make of us!

A pair of mimes!  Darling hat on Reta in the background!

Original and easy!

Pooh Bear feeling more like Eeyore...

Dad getting in the spirit too!

Getting candy so he can have energy for all the upcoming holiday deliveries!

Looking for the elusive cookie!  The closest we had were granola bars.


All of us noticed that many of the kids didn't say thank you.  We get the little ones need prompted, but these were ones way old enough to have better manners!

A fun time was had by all!  

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