Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Didn't Have A Thing, So I Caved And Got Sling (TV)


What an exciting Fall we are having---even if things didn't go the way you wanted for the World Series, election, etc.  I can't make it to all the Ohio State football games (not for the football...for the Band!)  After cutting the cord, we'd been living on a steady diet of broadcast news and Netflix, so were missing the "strays" that were on cable/satellite.

I'm a bit technologically behind the curve.  The first OSU game I wanted to watch was on Fox and I discovered I was no longer getting that on my antenna.  I was pretty sure I used to get that, but figured it got bought up by cable or blackout or whatever,  so unhappily listened on the radio.  Then came the World Series--all on Fox.  I wanted to support my Ohio team (even though I quit watching baseball when the Big Red Machine died out.)

I decided to hop on my computer and sign up for SlingTV as it was advertising "Watch the World Series here!"  I was going to do the free 7-day trial, but saw the offer for a free Roku if you sign up for 3 months.  Well, I was going to have to buy something to hook it up to my main TV and was afraid I couldn't do the free thing, then the Roku offer.  So, I decided to go for it.

Well, level one Sling for $20/mo (no contract) didn't have Fox (but did have ESPN which is important later.)  The next level for $25/mo had Fox, so I picked that.  I jump through a million programing hoops within 45 minutes before the last game of the World Series.  I get it running and guess what?  No Fox in my area.  I call up Sling and am told that it's not in my market.  I try to cancel, but they said I would have to wait a few days...

So, no ballgame for me.

The next week I was talking with my friend Donna who said they watched the game on their antenna. Now I was confused and annoyed.  I go to my TV with the better antenna and move it maybe an inch. I reset/re-hunted channels and guess what?  There was Fox and a dozen or so other channels!  Shoot me!  Still can't get in my living room (those flat antennas don't work as well as "rabbit ears.")

Well, unbeknownst to me yet, the second (blue) level of SlingTV doesn't include channels on the lower tier.  Well, the OSU game yesterday was on ESPN and of course, I can't get that.  I would have to go to the highest tier at $40/mo.  Which isn't a big deal, I guess, but i only want maybe one thing a month on either Fox or ESPN! I can change back anytime I guess, but what a hassle.

The Roku is nice, but kind of duplicates what you can do on most smartTV's, DVD players--you know get Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc.  But my "smart" things don't do SlingTV on their own. I have Chromecast on one TV and now, Roku on the other. You can't cast SlingTV from a computer, only a tablet or phone ( but the Roku has a remote!) another device is involved in the mess.

Why can't life be simple again????  This is beginning to make the $108 DirecTv bill not look so bad---Just kidding!

I will do a better review of SlingTV and the Roku once I get it figured out  Could be a long wait!!!

Until next time!


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