Saturday, October 8, 2016

Looks Like We Are United In A State Of Ambivalence!


Just my humble opinion....

My fellow Americans, I don't often get political, but following the VP debate the other night I just can't leave well enough alone.  I don't mean to offend any fervent supporters of the current candidates (if there are any.) Since I only can stand a few minutes of bickering, I turn debates off quickly.   Therefore,  I am not an expert on the issues, but just a regular citizen.   I remember the night of the presidential "not debate" (when Trump and Clinton weren't on stage together) the media polled folks who watched.  One fellow said what so many of us are thinking..."more than 330 million people live in this country and we wound up with these two?"

More Americans are undecided than in recent media memory.  All of the repetitive bashing of each other only makes us not want either.  Is there a box on the ballot for "none of the above?"  Hillary is pretty liberal for me (an Ohio Republican) but I can somehow at least picture her in the role.  I just can't visualize an orange, bleached blonde comb-over fellow with pretty much no verbal filter in the role.  I can't even put the two words president and Trump together.  It's like a bad reality show.  Not entertaining, but the consequences could be very real.  I do think a lot of what he says is taken out of context, but perception is 9/10th's of public opinion.  It's been said that Trump represents what's wrong with the country and Clinton what's wrong with the government....

When the third party candidate had never heard of Aleppo in Syria, that was it for him.  With the other two I just have to wonder what their motive is.   Is it really to serve their country?  Our only solace is one person, even the president, doesn't have enough power to screw up (or solve) everything.  There would be plenty of blame to go around.

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon having a field day with out presidential hopefuls.
Though I have a degree in Journalism, I have to put a good part of the blame on the media.  They fell hook, line and sinker for someone who knows how to exploit them.  There were other Republican candidates like Gov. John Kasich who were (more) qualified, but got ignored for the most part until it was too late.  They just weren't outlandish enough to draw the attention away from Trump.  The primary season was a media circus that went too far...

As for Hillary, if Bill couldn't solve the world's problems in 8 years (I am assuming she had some input), why should we believe she can now?  She was also a US Senator and Secretary of State.  We normal folks have no way of knowing if she did a good job at either post.  Former President Clinton told George W. Bush that the biggest threat he would face was Osama Bin Laden.  Nine months later was 9/11 and folks had the nerve to blame President Bush for not keeping us safe???

The one thing I took away from the few minutes I watched the VP debate is that either one of them would probably be a better president, though Pence came off a lot more dignified (for lack of a better term.)  Of course fact checkers may disagree...

Though undecided, I do plan to vote because it is our duty.   But just for kicks I was wondering if there is some little "quorum" law on the books?  Every club I've ever been in has only been able to vote on motions, etc., if a certain percentage of the members participate.  So, if most of the electorate abstain, can they throw out the election and start over????  Just thinking and typing out loud....

Food for thought (literally)-- In 1926, the Ohio State Univ. School of Agriculture was disgruntled over not really having a voice in school politics, so they nominated Maudine Ormsby for Homecoming Queen.  She was a real cow (that moooo-ed.)  She came in second, but when the queen couldn't fulfill her duties, the cow stepped in.  I herd she did a good job...LOL -pun intended!

I'll get off my soapbox now, we have to make the best of a bad situation.  God has blessed America and I am sure He will continue to do that no matter who is president!

Off to the Ohio State- Indiana game, so

Until next time,

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