Friday, September 9, 2016

Picnicking With the Pops & TBDBITL!


Well it's September already.  I love Fall (and hate the heat/humidity!)  This is by far the best season in Ohio with the weather and all the wonderful activities.  I am going to a couple OSU games to watch Taylor and to several Skull Sessions.  The Skull Sessions are pep rallies in St. John's Arena.  The band performs favorites, Urban and the team stop by as well as other high profile speakers or performers.  It is free, so the seats fill quickly.  Skulls are two hours & 20 minutes before the game.  The only real issue is parking.  You will pay big bucks and have to walk a long way.  I will take you to one in an upcoming post.

But, I am writing this to tell you about Columbus Symphony Orchestra's annual "Picnic With The Pops" series.  This summer series has been going on for decades bringing music and culture to the general public in a relaxed atmosphere.  They invite celebrity guest artists and play "less stuffy" music.  I remember taking the kids in a playpen 20 years ago.  They have season passes, but individual tickets are $25 unless you want to reserve a whole table upfront for a few hundred dollars.  For the rest of us it's lawn seating-  bring your own food, drinks, chairs.  They have snacks available though.  It's now at the Columbus Commons in downtown Columbus, OH.  Parking and exiting used to be an issue, but now is a piece of cake.  It's next to the statehouse parking garage.

They invited the OSU Marching Band to join them and play John Williams music, so Audra, Sis-in-law Mary, Niece Abby and I went to see Taylor perform.  Well, we didn't really see that part as we were pretty far back.  The night before they did the same concert and the cameraman camped out by Taylor and he was on the jumbo-tron a lot.  But not when we were there.  The weather was unusually perfect and we had a great time.  Since it was the season finale, they had fireworks that rivaled our Red, White & Boom!  Unfortunately, I can't get the video to transfer...

Here is a link to OSUMB's entrance to the concert:  Entrance

Columbus Commons Stage

A neat sunset.  Lots of parties going on in those condos to the left!  

Taylor (left) brought over some of his section to meet me.  Really smart and polite young men.

Well, time to say goodbye for now!  See you soon!  Be sure to visit the upper right corner's index by topic or search feature for more OSU band posts!


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