Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My New Zoo Review!


Back in my day zoos were built to keep the animals in and humans safe.  Now it seems they need to be built to keep humans out and the animals safe.

Cuteness overload!!!!!  Lioness napping on a plane wing.
Last week our friend Barbara, Audra and I finally made it to the Columbus Zoo (Ohio).  I hadn't been there in years and was pleasantly surprised. If you don't live in Franklin County it's a bit of sticker shock at the $20 ticket/$10 parking fee.  However, Seniors get deep discounts and anyone pushing a wheelchair gets in free.  So I am okay with it.  If you go a couple times a year...get a membership. They have lots of special perks, events and free parking.

If you haven't been to this zoo, I can assure you that it is one of the premiere zoos in the US, and most likely the world.  I have been to several, including the highly touted San Diego zoo and this one is right up there.  (The San Diego Zoo puts it's features up on hills, so you are constantly walking up and down them.  Now they may have improved it over the years...)

The same gal pictured at the top.  She could care less she was on display.

Right now we have a baby polar bear named Nora.  She picks her hours of visitation, but generally around 9:30 a.m.  We didn't get to see her, but there were videos and photos of this little cutie.

What impressed me the most about the zoo's layout was that the animals were not "caged" like the old days.  They have large areas to wander and in one section there were many different kinds of animals all roaming around together like you would see in a safari.  It did however, prove difficult for the cougar as they are housed across the way from their prey and all they could do is look through the glass and pace.  Most exhibits as you will see, give you a photo op without fence and glass messing it up.

We only stayed a few hours, so didn't see everything, but I think we saw all the "new" stuff.  Rather than blather on, I am just going to give you a brief pictorial tour:

She seemed to be looking for lunch...

Look!!  A Fishnado!!  Not really, there is an underground viewing spot of the polar bear pool.  But no bears at the time.

There he is getting ready to get in the pool.  But in no hurry, so we moved on.

This guy found a great napping spot!

Well, hoped you enjoyed your little trip.  I hope you all get a chance to visit this zoo.  We are lucky to have it so close.  There is a water park Zoombezi Bay attached, so you can cool off too!

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