Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gale's Gallery IX: It Doesn't Get Easier Than This! -- Ornaments


I am a bit craft A.D.D., so anything I can finish quickly without a lot of cleanup is my kinda craft!  Everything I do isn't what one would call art and it's fun to do something in a few minutes sometimes.  If you have some floor cleaner, cheap glass ornaments and some glitter you can crank these out.  It is especially good if you are in charge of crafts for a youth group.

The other thing I like is that the glitter is on the inside of the ball and will not be shedding all over everything, ever!  You can decorate the outside however you like, but a ribbon hanger will suffice.  I got this idea from watching "Crafting At The Spotted Canary" on our local PBS station.

Now the floor cleaner must have "future" in it, not always easy to find.  I should have looked at Wal-mart first, but I rarely go there.  You can get a huge bottle Pledge Wood Floor Finish with Future for under $5.  It will last forever at the rate it is used on this project.  Guess I could actually use it on my hardwood floors...Nahhhhh!

Fine glitter looks best.  Here I experimented with coarse glitter, mixed colors, etc.  If you screw up, they can always be painted (or pitched because they cost next to nothing!)

Don't throw out the boxes the ornaments come in because the finished ones can be stored in them.

For this project you will need the floor polish, ornaments, glitter and some little Dixie cups.  If you have a tiny funnel or two that would be helpful.  Any adornments are up to you.

Make sure the ornaments are clean and dry.  Pour a couple tablespoons of floor cleaner in the ornament and gently swish around.  You don't want air bubbles!  Make sure the whole interior is coated, then flip over a Dixie cup and let the remainder of the cleaner drip out.  This can be reused in next ornament, so there's no waste.

After the ornament has dripped out, but not dry, dump (a technical term) in glitter(s) and shake a bit.  Mix and match colors if you want, it will never be perfect, but that's what will make it different!  Make sure interior is covered, but it will never go opaque (nice because it will let Christmas lights through.)  Then tap out gently the rest of the glitter into another Dixie cup for reuse.  Let them set for a few minutes, but they really don't have to be dry because you are going to pop the ornament cap on anyway.

Viola!  In minutes, you have an ornament either to embellish or leave as is!  Tie with a ribbon, add any do-dads you want to them and you are done!  Very little cleanup is needed unless somebody spills the glitter or cleaner LOL!

This snowlady is just thinned out white craft paint on the inside instead of floor cleaner.  I did let it dry overnight as the paint is thicker then floor cleaner.  Then, I decorated her with glitter glue, painted the hanger black and made her a felt hat.

More Galleries to come for the holidays...

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  1. You always find the time to do these crafty things. Good ideas.
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