Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It (Really) Ain't Easy Being Green!


Hope your summer is going well!  Normal weird Ohio weather here, but nothing horrible (yet!) and everything is a lovely shade of green...

But there is a little less green here than a couple weeks ago.  I had to work, so the rest of the family went to an annual "frog giggin'" party at what they call the Swamp.  Fortunately, they have a regular cookout before "the hunt," after which I would depart and wait for the great "hunters" to return hours later.  I am not a fan of mosquitoes, ticks, etc.  However,  I do enjoy riding around the property on a Gator though.... Some close calls with flipping or going into the pond...

This year Mark brought the kids home before the hunt disappointed because there were too many people (many drinking) for it to be safe.

I am a queasy coward and don't plan to change.  I have never intentionally killed anything more than a fly (unfortunately, unintentionally much more.)  If you haven't heard of frog gigging, it is, I think, the barbaric hunting in the dark with flashlights and gigs aka "spears" used for the stabbing of innocent frogs.  This is said to be done to "thin the herd" but it is really a sport.  Sort of... except for the lights, spears and now boats.  There is nowhere for the frogs to get away.

They do cook the legs right after the hunt and they supposedly taste like chicken.  But many hunters at the party don't eat them and I think they should.  They are only supposed to hunt the big ones, but in the excitement of the chase, start stabbing anything that moves.  Yuk!  My only hope is they are killed instantly, but I know that is not the case.  

I have heard tales of normal, rational people turning in to crazed Grim Reapers with no fear of ruining their fancy outfits and shoes!  Mild-mannered, bashful, first-timers boldly stab away like bloodthirsty demons.  What is it that makes it so exciting?????  

Many of you are too young to remember "National Lampoon" magazine.  They had a famous cartoon, which became part of their logo...

poor little fellows....

As for me, I prefer frogs of a different sort:

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Like you I could not be part of this type thing, although I know lots that love to go do it.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies


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