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Some Things Just Aren't Funny I: Puppy Mills

1/27/2015:  I just saw a preview of the "Go Daddy" Superbowl ad promotes puppy mills and I am appalled on so many levels.  Those of us who breed and show purebred dogs are very careful and selective about where our puppies go (and go to great expense in our care, selection and guarantees).  We all find it despicable that there are people who call themselves "breeders" who prostitute their dogs and sell from a website, then ship them to people without caring where they go as long as their credit card clears.  This ad not only shows that, but that the puppy came back home only to have the "breeder" tell them to "get back on the truck!"  Please know they aren't breeders, but frankly, "screwers of dogs for profit only."  NEVER, EVER BUY A DOG FROM A WEBSITE!  YOU WON'T GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR AND WORSE, YOU ARE KEEPING DISREPUTABLE PEOPLE IN BUSINESS!

This article addresses puppy mills and backyard breeders.  It was a bad situation then, but worse now with internet sales...

I had a nice blog all finished for you except for one photo that I can't find.  Until then, I thought I would share something from many years ago.  It's not funny, but I think it's still informative.  It won numerous awards in its day including "Writer's Digest" and Dog Writers' Association of America honors.

Now, there are a few differences in pet marketing since the 1980s---we've managed to get many pet stores to either quit selling puppies or at least they are placing shelter puppies.  We "dog folk" don't patronize pet stores that sell dogs, especially since the advent of pet supply stores.  That's a good thing.  

However, we didn't have to deal with the internet back then and now we do.  I can't stress enough that you should never buy a dog online.  This isn't a lawn mower part, it is a living thing.  You can't believe everything you read and that is really true with websites.  Most are in it totally for the money.  They aren't scrupulous in their sales--they don't care where the pups they "manufacture" go, they are overpriced and poor quality, they'll ship anywhere and sometimes they take your money, then you never see any puppy or not the one you "ordered."  Often the dogs live in the same disgusting environment called a "puppy mill" that you will be reading about shortly.

Another marketing issue is so-called "designer dogs."  Don't be fooled into thinking these are anything but overpriced mutts.  Labra-doodles will never be a real breed, nor will yorkie-poos, cock-a-poos or any other poo...  My blood pressure goes up every time someone tells me they bought a mutt for huge bucks when there are so many deserving dogs at shelters and pounds for the price of shots and spay/neuters.  These folks prey on people's emotions and in most cases, lack of knowledge.

Anyway, I will get back to humor next time, but for now please read and share this post.  I saved it as a PDF, but can't seem to get it to work, so please forgive me once again if this is a bit hard to read.  There are six pages, with unavoidable gaps between.  Whenever I tried to cut it out it shrunk the words!)

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