Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Chicken In Every Pot...and some updates!

Hello all!

I am sorry to be so late, but have been working multiple jobs.  One is the "Crash Test Dummy" assignment I promise to tell you all about soon.  There are funny moments, but one gal described it as "Jury Duty In A Car."  We sit around and wait ALOT!

I let the ladies out to play in my backyard during the recent fabulous weather days in the mid 80s (frost tomorrow night here in Ohio.)  I believe it was President Herber Hoover who promised in 1928  "A chicken in every pot (and a car in every garage.")   Here is my "Petunia" taking a dirt a pot!

Buff Brahma Hen

During the waiting time on the test track I have been reading, writing and working on that needlepoint project of the Japanese Chin.  Of course, I don't know the rules, but I'm pretty sure knowledgeable stitchers would do it differently.  More on that in another post, along with progress photos. 

Here are some scenes from Spring at my 'hood:

Japanese Weeping Cherry

Ornamental Pear

Well, I am off to bed as 5:30 a.m. sure comes early!  I promise to be back in a few days at the most.  I think you will like the car testing stories.

Until then,


Quote of the post:  "When life hands you lemons...make lemonade!" --Unknown

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