Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog Grooming Made (Somewhat) Easy!

Top: CH. Anderleigh The Patriot (co-bred/owned with Barbara Alexander) and his granddaughter,  Darby Creek's Custom-Made By Sherlyn (co-bred/owned with Sheri Clark.)

Many of you folks (and your dogs) enjoyed watching the Westminster dog show this week.  Maybe it inspired you to try and make your dog look (and feel) a little better.  If calling up a groomer isn't an option right now, here is an article I wrote to help you do-it-yourself.  You don't need a lot of fancy tools and your dog will enjoy the extra attention.  (Once again, sorry about the cut and paste.  The first two blocks should be read as one, then the second two blocks are as one.)  Also, the word "follicle"  should have been "cuticle."

If you have questions, just zap me an email and I will try to answer them.  

One of my readers, Melanie Bowen, has asked me to tell you about her blog to uplift people dealing with cancer, focused mostly on mesothelioma.  Here is her link

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  1. This must be an old article that you don't have it on your pc files. Good one though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Wow. The coat on that yorkie is amazing! No way I could stomach all that. Gracie is longer than she's ever been, but I hate all the brushing.
    I wish I had the nerve to cut her nails. I do not.
    What time can you be here to do it??!

  3. Shhhh Cher-- I want folks I haven't met to think I'm still that thin LOL! How are you?

  4. How beautiful is your Yorkie! Georgous. Great article too. Wish I had a dog, I'd have to make it look and feel better!

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